Bridge to Performance - Vocal Exercises

Kerri Hardwick Voice Studio

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Bridge to Performance is a fun and easy way to approach your vocal exercise routine. Vocal warm-ups and exercises are an important part of not only getting you ready to perform, but this will also strengthen and enhance your vocal journey.

Includes 10 Vocal Exercises and an informative PDF

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"Kerri Hardwick's vocal exercises are a great, comprehensive approach to getting singers warmed up and ready to sing anything. You will learn ways to control your breath, develop flexibility, as well as improve support and intonation. Every singer, no matter what level they are at, will benefit from these exercises. "

Briana Lyn - CA

"Vocal warm-ups are so important to singers, and my students can get tired of doing the same types of warmups for every lesson. Kerri does an amazing job of not only making sure to effectively go through all of the facets of the voice in her exercises, but makes them SO much fun and even a bit challenging to do, which is great for my more advanced singers. But you can really use these for any level! My voice students love the variety and ability to do different patterns. Thank you so much Kerri for your incredibly helpful exercises!"

Patti Kasmarcik - NY

"The whole package is brilliant. I LOVE the practice tracks - they definitely make it feel more like "singing" and less like "vocalizing" which makes it more fun."

Brigette Khan - Paraguay